Project Description

The town of Mosta with the Church of the Ascension of the Most Holy Virgin
Mary – the Presidential Gardens of San Anton – the Blue Grotto – Mdina, the
city of the nobility of Malta – Rabat with its catacombs and the Grotto of the
Apostle Paul.

Then we will head to the gardens of San Anton – a truly amazing place to
visit. Walking along the pathways of the gardens, you will simply feel history –
both around you and under your feet! Trees with bizarre trunks, exotic
flowers, swans and ducks in ponds, oranges on the ground under the tree!
You will also be walking close to the residence of the President of Malta, a
palace located right next to the Gardens of San Anton.

Then we will proceed to the south of the island of Malta. Not far from the
village of Zurrieq there is one of the most popular natural attractions – the
Blue Grotto! This is one of the best places to get up close and personal with
one of the most typical elements of the Maltese landscape – the coastal cliffs.
Here they are quite large and picturesque. You may also choose to take a
boat trip to the Blue Grotto (tickets are paid additionally) and dine at one of
the restaurants offering delicious fresh fish, shrimps and other seafood.

After lunch we will head to the medieval city of Mdina, the first capital of
Malta. A small, quiet city with fortified walls and a long history. And very few
people live there! Game of Thrones fans can discover many locations from
the movie. Leaving the city of Mdina to visit the suburb of Rabat, we will walk
along quaint streets to the catacombs and the Grotto of the Apostle Paul!
Many places are connected with the name of the Apostle Paul in Malta. It was
off the coast of Malta on the way to Rome that the Saint was shipwrecked in
the year 60 AD. He spent about 3 months in Malta preaching the Word of God and all the inhabitants converted to Christianity. Therefore, this stop will
include a visit to his traditional place of refuge in Rabat.

Duration – 8 hours with a guide without entrance tickets or with entrance tickets, if desired.