Today I will introduce you to the traditional Maltese rabbit dishes, in Maltese “il-fenek”. 

There are many dishes that you can try in Malta, but the Maltese rabbit should be at the top of your list.

Rabbit dishes have become one of the national symbols of the Maltese archipelago.

There are several basic ways to cook a rabbit:

“Fenek Moqli” is a very traditional Maltese dish. It is rabbit fried in olive oil with a lot of garlic and spices and served with French fries or baked potatoes and of course with fresh, crispy bread.

“Spagetti tal-fenek” is spaghetti with rabbit sauce which is prepared with rich tomato sauce, peas and spices.

”Stuffat tal-fenek” is the traditional Maltese rabbit stew and is considered the national dish of Malta; it is deeply rooted in the Maltese cultural identity and is a food ideal for any social event.

The locals serve beer, white or young red wine with the rabbit.

The rabbit dish has existed in the Maltese Islands since the time of the Knights of St. John when the knights used to go and hunt the wild rabbits, thus making it a cultural delicacy that contributes to Malta’s rich heritage. The dish is world-renowned, popular with locals and foreigners alike, and is one of the best Maltese dishes you can try while on holiday in Malta!