While in Malta, you must try the unique delicious fresh Maltese bread, which the locals eat with a variety of toppings such as tuna, capers, tomatoes, olives and onions. 

For the Maltese people, this bread is sacred. One finds it on the Maltese table every day, and it is customary to buy the fresh, fragrant, crunchy bread every morning. 

The recipe is very simple and has not changed for centuries: flour, yeast, water and sea salt. 

Every town and village in Malta has always had its own bakery “il-forn”. 

In the time of the Knights Hospitaller, the most famous bakeries were in the town of Qormi, which baked bread for the knights and monks in the convents. 

Later, bakeries began to appear in other towns and villages as well and today they are a typical feature everywhere, even in the smallest village. One can smell the fragrance of fresh bread from afar and will quickly realize that each bakery is a place where in the morning residents can also socialize, chat and have a great start to a beautiful day. 

Maltese bread always looks the same. It is semicircular, has a crispy crust and a delicate, soft interior. Many Maltese people love the bread when it is still warm and straight from the oven. 

Another popular type of bread is the Arabic “ftira” type bread. When the Maltese go on an outing, they always take this bread with them for a picnic. When they get hungry, they slice the bread, spread it with tomato paste, and put tuna, capers, olives, onions, tomatoes, and “gbejna” sheep’s cheese inside. Finally, they pour olive oil over everything. 

Lick your fingers!! pastedGraphic.png Truly delicious! Everything is fresh, fragrant and healthy. 

The bread that remains is never thrown away. A good Maltese hostess knows what good things can be made from it. 

After adding raisins, dried fruit, nuts and cocoa, an exquisite sweet delicacy “il-pudina tal ħobz” (bread pudding) is created. 

You can also try it in any self-respecting cafe. You will not regret it!!!