If you are strolling along Republic Street in Valletta, you must stop and take a break at one of the oldest cafeterias in Malta. Caffe Cordina was opened in 1836!

This cafe is one of the symbols of the beautiful capital city of Valletta!

Caffe Cordina is located in the building of the former treasury of the Knights of Malta.

The interior of the historic Caffe Cordina strikes you with its exquisite luxury. Its vaulted ceiling is decorated with frescoes by the famous Maltese artist Giuseppe Cali.

Traditional pastizzi are very good there, but there is also exquisite confectionery.

The locals come in for a snack or for a dessert at Caffe Cordina. Any pastry or piece of cake will impress those with a sweet tooth.

I recommend visiting and enjoying the charm and atmosphere of Caffe Cordina!