Local glass products are the hallmark of Malta.

The Venetians brought glassmaking to the island even before the arrival of the Knights of the Order of St. John, but this art gained popularity only in the middle of the 20th century!

The main highlight of Maltese glass blowers is the addition of metals and gold dust to glass.

A warm welcome awaits you in a hot workshop! Glass blowers hide a small gem in the oven! By expertly moulding small pieces of glass, they work wonders! In front of your eyes, a bird, a flower or a dolphin will magically appear from a bright lump! Moreover, the work immediately blossoms into different colours. It’s truly just like a fairy tale!

Blue glass is especially popular in Malta as for the Maltese blue symbolises not only the sea and the sky, but also hope. And the Maltese also love lilac – the mystical colour of Catholicism, the colour of the vestments of the highest Catholic clergy. And, of course, green is the colour of grass and life.