One of the cities that you must visit during your trip to Malta is Mdina.

Mdina, the old capital of the island, is called the Silent City. It enchants you with its beautiful buildings and pearls of classic architecture.

Sandstone coloured walls and narrow streets create an amazing atmosphere.

Mdina is quaint and charming, as it is wrapped up in silence.

The silence is only broken sometimes by the clatter of horse carriages, which are a very popular means to explore the city.

Mdina is truly a gem of the Maltese Islands.

To appreciate Mdina, you have to immerse yourself in it; there is no point in walking with a strictly written plan and ticking off what you have already seen.

In Mdina, make sure to visit the Fontanella cafeteria and taste the amazing almond-orange cake! Yummy! Delicious!