In Malta, you need to lose yourself in one of the small picturesque villages and wander the narrow streets to admire the beautiful Maltese houses. Each house has a prominent door which is decorated with a doorknob. 

A doorknob in Malta is like a visiting card, and each home owner tries to surpass his neighbours by choosing an attractive and eye-catching handle for himself, such as a Maltese cross, mermaids, dolphins, lions, owls, falcons, seahorses, coats-of-arms of the Maltese nobility, and other figures that you don’t usually normally find elsewhere. 

The locals claim that in Malta you will not find two identical doorknobs. Whether true or not, it is very difficult to say because many doorknobs are similar to each other at first glance.

Doorknobs can be one of the interesting and original souvenirs brought from Malta! After all, they may not only be photographed on the numerous wooden doors of Malta, but also bought for every taste in many souvenir shops.