Malta enchants the visitor with its colourful wooden balconies. The multicoloured palette can be found not only in the capital city of Valletta, but also in other towns and villages in Malta. 

The Maltese call the wooden balcony “il-gallarija” in their native language. The first balconies appeared on the island at the end of the 17th century during the time of the Knights of St. John, when the Baroque style was gaining popularity with the balcony being one of the main elements. Initially, only the rich residents of Valletta could afford such a luxury on their facade, but during the 18th century balconies spread to other villages in Malta. In those times the balcony always represented the status of wealthy families. Wood has always been imported and expensive, so the owners of the closed wooden balconies were wealthy residents of Malta. 

Be sure to immerse yourself in one of the typical Maltese towns and villages and stroll through the streets to enjoy and take in the colours of the closed wooden balconies. I am sure that you will take a huge amount of photos and videos.